Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Huzzah !   Another new horror anthology with my work in it...this time not one, but two stories. Editor Trevor Kennedy liked both 'The Front Parlour' and 'Squillions' , so used them both.  The first is a creepy tale set in my familiar comfort zone, Victorian England. Squillions is set in the unlikely contemporary background of a sleepy English village in the wealthy Surrey commuter belt. What could possibly go wrong there? The anthology is cram packed with great writing from seasoned professional authors to exciting newcomers.

 In Trevor Kennedy's words 'Are you ready for ghosts, demons, abominations of nature, ghouls, the darkest of dark poetry, a haunted dolls' house, giant spiders, knife-wielding maniacs, the Pale Emperor, malevolent insects, zombies, 'Sandmen', visits to 1980s Northern Ireland, Victorian England and 'Isla's Island', a man who can morph into a scarecrow, 1990s pop pin-up Chesney Hawkes trying to survive living on the mean streets of Belfast while claiming DLA (Disability Living Allowance), aging songstress Cher doing battle with Jesus and Thor to save the space-time continuum, and a whole plethora of other unspeakable horrors?!

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